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    Best Airsoft Pistol Co2 - Tested & Reviewed By Expert Anglers!

    Originating from the Black Ops USA, Airsoft pistols have always called the shots for enthusiasts, not the lackluster ones, but real shorts just like a smart gun does.

    ​The fact that the Best Airsoft Pistol Co2 borrows quite impressively as an electrical wound spring as opposed to CO2 tanks isn't anything to take on lightly.

    ​Today, most shooters count on the airsoft pistol as a backup, for practice, military use, as a holding gun among many other uses.

    ​The gun never stops leading among the sleekest and high powered pistols. It has always remained steadfast in boosting toughness and precision in action when called upon.

    ​I take you through a quick one on some of the most reliable Co2 airsoft pistols shooters keep going for, any time of the day, thanks to their superb performance.

    Best Airsoft Pistol Co2 - Comparison




    Magazine Capacity


    Co2 Boa

    Airsoft Pistol

    400 FPS

    20 Round

    1911 Semi-Auto

    CO2 Air Pistol

    480 FPS

    20 Round

    Beretta Elite II

    CO2 Pistol

    300 FPS

    15 Round

    C11 Semi-Auto

    CO2 Air Pistol


    480 FPS

    16 Round

    Umarex XBG

    CO2 Power

    410 FPS

    19 Rounds

    ​How To Choose The top rated Airsoft Pistol Co2

    If you happen to think of simplicity in design of a lightweight but low profile 20 round magazine pistol, you must be talking of the Co2 airsoft pistols. It still emerges as the best sidearm in the field you can rely on to do the job right.

    ​I never have to doubt the grip of this gun, it is a firm grip for the best stability any shooter needs, to get it right the first shot.

    ​For maximum efficiency, plan your shooting outings into the woods without having to worry about that precise shot, thanks to this company besides you. If you fall in love with this piece, it can only be for the right performance. How about a run through, on the most important factors to consider when getting the best Airsoft Pistol Co2?


    ​What is your buffer saving pool like? If your budget is in good shape, check out the Airsoft Pistol Co2 that fits your pocket. Don't necessarily buy into high-end Airsoft pistol Co2 yet you are a newbie into shooting.

    ​If you fit in the best co2 airsoft pistol Under $100 category or best co2 airsoft pistol Under $50 that will depend entirely on your purchasing power. Suit yourself with what can help you practice way up within your budget

    ​Use Of The Pistol

    ​Sometimes this pistol requires time for those of us learning how to perfect the art of shooting. Identify what exactly you want and how you want to go about its use, for the right pick. Consider your level of skill and expertise on your targets. The Airsoft pistol Co2 should complement your expectations.

    ​Guns with plastic gearboxes don't cut the cake when it comes to handling long shot battles. They will waste your expenditure plan, don't buy into what befits your ardent folks in the shooting world but what exactly matches what you are to use the Co2 airsoft pistols for. Ascertain whether you need one for professional use or not.

    ​How Much Does It Weigh?

    ​I suggest you check on the weight of the model you want to settle for. Some can be quite heavy, especially if you are likely to run on battles or move long distances with your pistol.

    ​For those with more muscular and a stronger body build, you can go for this pistol. I recommend you test the weight on before paying for your Airsoft pistol Co2.

    ​Your Shooting Style

    ​Are going with a style that is for close range shooting or in open field practices? I recommend you acquaint yourself with a gun that has a short barrel and folding stock if close range shooting is your cup of tea.

    ​For those who might opt to play in the open fields, how about you get an Airsoft pistol Co2 with a barrel long enough for the most accurate shots.

    ​That is not to say you should never use a gun with a long barrel in short range shooting or take a short gun in open field long range shooting. But it is meant to make your shooting more controllable and a reliable success for either of the ranges that suit your situation.

    ​Understand The Type Of Gun

    ​Most spring loaded airsoft pistols or guns run without batteries or gas. They tend to strike a very incredible balance between a pistol and co2 airsoft sniper performance.

    ​Take into account of coming across those that you will have to pull the cocking system back for every single shot you target, and this is because the springs provide the right propulsion for your Airsoft pistol Co2.

    ​Other Factors To Take Into Account

    ​• Feet per second of your gun

    ​• Capacity of magazines it carries

    ​• The final shape and design interested in

    Selecting The Top 5 Best Airsoft Pistol Co2

    Black Ops Co2 Boa Airsoft Pistol

    Take your gun power to the right spot with the Black Ops Co2 Boa Airsoft Pistol, when you know you have a high powered gun that is worth your time.

    You never have to keep thinking of the right Co2 for the demanding long ranges. Count on the Black Ops Co2 Boa Airsoft Pistol, to target faster and quicker on a 400 FPS with a 12 gram thrashing out your competitors for the right reasons.

    ​I hate action time using a gun that is bound to mess up anytime while doing the shot, and this pistol never disappoints, it keeps its semi-automated action fast ahead on the track.

    Remember also will depend on how smart and quick you are in pulling its trigger. Expect those unnecessary jamming slowing you down if not missing your target in the first place. With a huge, reliable 20 round clip, beat your competitors in their own game, without them knowing the secret to the outstanding performance is this pistol.


    • Quick in reaction 
    • Has powerful shots
    • Targets faster on a 400 FPS 
    • No jamming ad slow downs 
    • Carries a warranty


    • Doesn't come with an extra magazine

    Crosman 1911 Semi-Auto .177 BB CO2 Air Pistol

    I happened to have tried my first shots with the Crosman 1911 Semi-Auto .177 BB CO2 Air Pistol, during a fast action practice in the open neighboring field.

    One thing a keen to detail shooting ardent will notice is that it stands out as one of the lightest Airsoft Pistol Co2 types, besides being crafted with high-quality parts.

    ​The Crosman 1911 Semi-Auto .177 BB CO2 Air Pistol is not only just a household brand but also commands great performance and quality in a pistol that dominates the finest crafts of all time.

    ​For your best quality and cost cutting of long run replacement costs, it is made of a polymer frame on checked synthetic grips for better durability and stability when experiencing the shooting impact.


    • The barrel is precision dedicated 
    • The grip panel is removable for quick replacement.
    • Has a convenient drop-out magazine 
    • Components are of high quality


    • Not all metal made 
    • Doesn't come with an extra clip

    Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol

    The Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol (Clear, Medium) checks in as one of the most dependable semi-automatic action guns, that will stand up to the task ahead whenever you go about your demanding shooting.

    On just 15-round built in the magazine; you can negotiate into the most reliable shooting on all your targets, without having to grind to a halt. It comes with an included 100BBs too.

    This Co2 powered double action has been intelligently designed with a metal barrel for longevity and improved performance.


    • Has a 15-round built in magazine 
    • Powered by double action 
    • Durable body construction 
    • Has an all metal barrel


    • Hammer doesn't work

    Crosman C11 Semi-Auto Air Pistol CO2

    ​Do you want your Airsoft Pistol Co2 sharp, sleek and more pronounced? Well, the Crosman C11 Semi-Auto Air Pistol CO2 BB Kit air pistol has it all got you covered.

    ​All you have to do is just pull the trigger, and your gun's BB will fly out shots off the muzzle incredibly without experiencing any flaw.

    For accuracy that will leave your folks and other long time shooters asking more of your pistol, depend on just a 20 BB to do the job right all the time.

    Do you like stable gripping? This comes with a firmer one, minimizing chances of your going about any missed shot, more especially if you are a great shooter.


    • Has easy grip  
    • Effortless to use
    • Powerful in shooting
    • Features a 480 FPS velocity
    • Comes with removable magazines for BBs.
    • Caliber is 0.177


    • Not made of metal but plastic 
    • Doesn't come with a hammer

    Umarex XBG CO2 Power

    You will love how quickly you can load the Umarex 2254804 XBG CO2 Power .177BB, 410 FPS, 19 Shot. This to you means quick action time and more specific targeting for the timely shot, thanks to its 19 shot drop free metal magazine

    The Airsoft Pistol Co2 comes in one 12 grain power with Co2 grip housing. For the most of your front fixed and rear sighting, its finely crafted to ensure you get the entire glimpse most shooters ever want when locking in the target.

    Depend on a double action level of shooting this Airsoft Pistol Co2 embraces to get it right even in the second time if you happen to miss your shot at first sighting.


    • Comes as lightweight and compact in design 
    • Has a 19-shot drop free magazine 
    • Shots are double action at 410 FPS 
    • Powered by 12-gram co2 capsule 
    • Very quiet


    • Not the best option for Airsoft wars

    Final words for best airsoft pistol Co2

    ​As a fervent when it comes to shooting. Having your Airsoft Pistol Co2 at heart isn't enough; ensure it clicks on the right quality and style of performance.

    ​I recommend any of these Airsoft pistols Co2 because you stand assured of precision, stable gripping and high performance in your experiences out in the field or when doing close range shooting.

    ​You should never have to worry anymore of your ability to learn your skills and tactical side way up, with the most suited preference from these top Airsoft Pistol Co2. Take your shots more seriously and find your targets a walk in the park, once and for all.

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