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    Best Nerf Sniper Rifles 2018 - Tested & Reviewed By Expert Anglers!

    Sometimes, I feel to be a little bit jealous of kids these days.

    You know why? Because in 2018, technology has gifted them a handful of toys to stimulate their adrenaline rush. In fact, toys that weren’t even in wildest of our imagination then, had turned into just a 30 dollars-buy.

    I am talking about Nerf snipers here, which had already become a crazy source of adventure a combat-like thrill for kids.

    However, getting out of the jealousy stuff, let’s be serous on the topic. In this article today, I’ve done something important for parents with kid that loves nerf guns. These toy sniper rifles are a great source of kids finding the adventure streak and fun.

    But when it comes to selecting one for your kid, most parents fail to pay the attention to buying factors that they should. As these toys are going to be a harsh in use, you have to be ultra-careful to ensure the best buy for money.

    What we’ve done here is- we’ve picked up the best nerf sniper rifles toys of the market based on it’s real value, both for kids and parents. Durability, accuracy, design and of course the price-quality ratio- these was our sole priorities throughout the process.

    Let’s glide through the article and I’m sure you’ll find the best product for your kid.

    Product Name & Image


    Dart Clip

    Color Scheme


    Elite Strongarm Blaster

    7 x 12.8 x 2.8 Inches

    6 Darts

    White, Blue and Orange

    Elite Centurion Blaster

    3.5 x 29.5 x 14 Inches

    6 Darts

    Red and Orange

    Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

    3 x 30 x 15 Inches

    10 Darts

    White, Black and Orange

    Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

    3.5 x 24 x 12 Inches

    18 Darts

    Blue and Orange

    Elite Longshot CS-6

    4 x 8 x 34 Inches

    6 Darts

    Blue and Orange

    Elite Retaliator Blaster

    3.4 x 19.4 x 12.2 Inches

    12 Darts

    White and Orange

    Elite Sonic Ice Centurion

    29.5 x 3.5 x 14.1 Inches

    6 Darts

    Blue and Orange

    Top 7 Best Nerf Sniper Rifles Reviews 

    The wait for the most popular Nerf Sniper Rifle is over. As the second-best topper, we have Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster for you. As you know, it’s from the famous brand Nerf. Surely, this power sniper can give your kid almost the same experience as a real pistol.

    Highlighted Features

    • The barrel that loads the darts is really cool. All you need to do is pushing the button. It will pop out immediately. 
    • A good virtue of a good nerf sniper rifle is its design. The design itself is bigger and better than couple of earlier releases from the brand Hasbro. The color scheme of the body is almost in line.
    • If your kid has enormous love for the Mavericks, it can surely pass hours playing only with the barrel. Because this nerf gun strongly resembles it. 
    • To grab the handle is made pretty easy, even for toddlers. The firm-shaped handle, gripped cover and the priming action had turned it into a nerf gun with much comfort in use. 
    • Lastly, the manufacturer Hasbro had done a great job with the functionalities. 


    • The use is pretty simple in action. 
    • Doesn’t jam at all. 
    • Real time Maverick modeling.
    • Can dart accurately till 50 feet.
    • 1 dart/second shooting speed. 
    • A good price. 


    • Not accurate darting in longer distances.

    Another product from Nerf, another piece of best nerf assault rifle. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster is a AK-47 resembling blaster. As thus series contains a number of production from the company, this one is an earlier version. But still, if your baby is in love with long ranged bullet game, this is for him.

    Highlighted Features

    • An AK-47 look alike that gives your kid the thrill of a real battlefield. It’s tested for both durability and quality. 
    • Centurion blaster is a long-range blaster toy with almost 100 feet accuracy with darts. 
    • The darts are made to whistle as they fly. The taste of real battlefield is made more realistic with that. 
    • A removable bipod stand provides strength and accuracy for you kid to enjoy the shooting.  


    • Longest accuracy of all blasters of the series.
    • Bigger darts to fire further. 
    • The dart set contains 6 mega whistling darts.
    • Best blaster toy for kids of more than 6 years old. 
    • Removable bipod stand. 


    • It’s not for toddlers. 
    • Color scheme isn’t that much cool. 

    After a long awaiting day, the Modulus ECS-10 series was launched in fall, 2015. Trust me or not, it gained such a popularity in a short span of time that it ended in an entire series of blaster guns. Our next pick is the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster and we’re already happy with the rich set of features that it provides. Hope you’ll be too.

    Highlighted Features

    • The first pick of the series that contains an enhanced viewfinder for précised and perfect shooting. 
    • It’s ultra-flexible comparing to any blasters of this price range. The Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster can be arranged in more than 30 position combinations.
    • Also, the ECS 10 has got a strong and stable drop grip to handle. So, no matter how uneven the ground is, you will have perfect and précised shooting every time. 
    • Want to do the battles for a longer time? The ECS-10 has got a 10-dart banana clip. So far, we are concerned, it’s one of the largest dart clip among blasters of such price range. 
    • The device itself is a battery powered shooter. So, it’s way stringer and has got longer shooting range than the manual ones.  


    • Enhanced efficiency with a targeting scope. 
    • It’s got a dual rail barrel. 
    • Can be hold with ease and comfort. 
    • A rigid and robust constriction. 
    • Powered by AA batteries. 


    • The dart is prone to bending.

    The Rapidstrike CS-18 is one highly engineered Nerf N-Strike series blaster which created too much hype just when it came to the market for the first time. The successor of its vast popularity is the few more amazing upgrades have made it it’s place in the list.

    Let’s head in to the detailed review-

    Highlighted Features

    • From the manufacturer of Hasbro, it’s been one of the coolest design ever. In addition, a number of technicalities had added its value. 
    • The dart clip is capable to contain 18 darts at a time, and is transparent in design. So, you can look up and the existing number of darts and reload immediately.  
    • The ergonomics of the blaster CS-18 had been done in a spectacular way. Kids can use the second hand to hold the foregrip and the main hand to do all the triggering works. 
    • The material and plastics is so far, one of the best material combination from the manufacturer Hasbro.
    • Two modes firing pattern had been installed by default. One is the single shot and another is burst fires. No matter whatever your kid does, it will be an ultimate source of thrill.


    • 68 feet/second dart speed.
    • Safe with materials and plastic. 
    • The clip can hold up to 18 darts. 
    • See-through transparent dart clips. 
    • The motor power can be accelerated manually. 
    • A good performer in terms of both quality and durability. 


    • The packaging of it could have been done better. 
    • In auto mode, the rang is only 60 feet. 

    Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 is another release of ling ranged blaster guns, which has some petty similarities with the Nerf Zombie-Strike Longshot CS-12 of the same series. But there are some spectacular unique features of this pick. And the reason to pick up this product in the list is to show them up.

    Highlighted Features

    • First thing first, Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 is just the alternative of a real sniper rifle. 
    • This sniper blaster had good a supreme power of long range shot with accuracy. 
    • The functionalities are all engineered in a way that happened never before. We loved the maneuvered that the manufacturers had put it in. 
    • The design was another shiny feature that you’d fall in love with. The elite blue color, white straps and orange and dark grey accents- will be a completely new look comparing to it’s other versions. 
    • The bipod, which was basically provided to stand it stable, can be folded to. And for me, I liked it to use when it’s folded up.  


    • The stock is adjustable. 
    • A scope comes in for precise targeting. 
    • The clip can be reloaded fast.
    • Bolt-action loading.
    • Stunning design and color scheme. 


    • There are only 6 darts on the clip.

    Eventually, we’re at the last product of the best nerf sniper rifles review. At the end, we have Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster. To be frank, we literally wanted this product to put with a less ranking beside it. But due to some drawbacks, we had to keep it here.

    However, let’s see what good features are in it :-

    Highlighted Features

    • Two of the most amazing feature of this blast is the magnificent design and perfect dart range. This power packed edition of best nerf sniper rifles is definitely worth the money. 
    • A barrel extension is with the design to ensure maximum realistic look of the blaster itself. 
    • A removable shoulder look takes your kid to be more like a real war hero.
    • 3 tactical rails and a single attachment strap have definitely added to the value of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster.
    • Because of the perfect weight distribution throughout the body of the gun, it will be a complete fun to hold it for your kids.  


    • Can be stood on four different configurations. 
    • A dart range of 90 feet. 
    • A stability handle for more control on shots. 
    • 12 dart reloadable clip. 
    • Comes in stunning white and blue color stripes. 
    • A handful of accessories available. 


    • Is quite jam-prone. 
    • The insider chamber is damage-prone. 
    • The price is quite overrated. 

    The winner of our week-long research on best nerf sniper rifles is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion. It’s a blue and transparent of the earlier release of the Centurion version from the manufacturer. It actually belongs to Sonic ICE sub series of nerf rifles toys.

    No doubt that this is the best production till date, as per its massive popularity and extreme durability.

    Highlighted Features

    • The Nerf N-Strike Sonic Ice Centurion had worked out a lot to get rid of the internal jams and improvements on features. And no doubt that it’s been done more than our expectation. 
    • With Nerf N-Strike, you can turn any playground into an ice-cold battlefield. It can launch long ranged assault with its howling mega darts provided.
    • The loading and reloading had been made easier. The press clip release button is designed to make sure that the bolt is forward. Also, it helps to remove empty clips. 
    • An Elite Dirt color scheme had been introducing in the new package of ICE Centurion. 
    • Doesn’t require external powers. Therefore, comes in an extremely affordable price comparing to the wide array of features it offers.  


    • Comes with a longer ranged blaster. 
    • Includes 6 Mega Darts that fits in the Mega Clip.
    • The Darts of Mega Whistler screams through the air.
    • A bipod stand supports the firearm.
    • More précised and accurate battle arm. 


    • The assembly can’t be done by children themselves.

    Bottom Line

    Thanks for being with us till the very end of the best nerf sniper rifles reviews and guide. As, most of the kids these days, love their blaster gun as a pursuit of their own heroism, we parents should assist that. And to make your job easy, we’ve brought up the most realistic features of these products. 

    Hope you’ve already prepared your buying shortlist and looking forward to get a cool one for your junior. 

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