10 Best Airsoft Pistols 2018 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Would you like to get yourself an airsoft pistol for recreation, training to improve on gun safety or as a pest control tool? Could you prefer to simulate tactical and battle situations using an best airsoft pistols?

I personally love using airsoft pistols for my recreational neighborhood competitions. Having grown up using BB and pellet guns, they are fun and easy to teach young ones. The best part; they provide the real experience of using a real gun. They are largely non-lethal.

As an ardent gun fanatic, I love an airsoft pistol that is accurate, reliable and dependable. This passion prompted me to do some detailed research for a remarkable impressive airsoft pistols, the outcome didn’t disappoint.

As a serious gun owner or shooter, if you are considering buying an airsoft pistol, you don’t have to be confused or baffled anymore.

This research points out the necessary details to be keen on. Am sure at the end of it you will find it easy to match your specific airsoft to your diverse needs. Now, let’s take a keen look at the details.

The 10 Ultimate List of the Best Airsoft Pistols Comparison Chart

NameDimensionsVelocityMZ CapacityBodyPrice
Umarex Elite Force 1911 230mm x 135mm 320-345 FPS 14+1 Rounds All-Metal
Remington 89260 Airsoft Pistol 8" 320 FPS 18 Rounds All-Metal
Umarex Walther Air Soft Pistol 10.9 x 3.4 x 10.2" 380 FPS 15 Rounds Metal
Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol 10.9 x 3.4 x 10.2" 380 FPS 15 Rounds Metal
Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Caliber Gun 8.85" 300 FPS 18 Rounds Metal
kjw model-603m9ptp Airsoft Gun 13 x 7 x 3" 310- 330 FPS 23 Rounds Metal
H&K USP Airsoft Pistol 7.68" 240 FPS 13 Rounds Metal
Sig Sauer P226 .177 Air Pistol 8.25" 450 FPS 16 Rounds Metal
KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol 8.07" 340FPS 23 Rounds Metal Slide
Sig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Airsoft Pistol 8.85" 300 FPS 18 Rounds Metal


We pride in offering unique impressive airsoft pistols out there, thanks to our dedicated online reviews which I hope you will find invaluable, affordable and boasting remarkable performance scrutiny.

These airsoft top class demands are tailored for your maximum satisfaction and sure you will find what suits you.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Pistols Reviews

Here are the top 10 best airsoft pistols reviews- honest, unbiased and based on the real-life benefits only. Hope anyone or more airsoft pistols can solve your problem by Baby Gears Mate.


#01: Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol

This is one of the most outstanding airsoft pistols with all that you need. Thanks to its upgrade from a standard 1911, its boasts a custom color configurations and performance that is unique to your needs.

Don’t forget that the Elite Force 1911’s come with the threaded tip for mock suppressor fanatics.

Features of This Product

  • Made of a long lasting full metal body construction
  • Able to overcome harsh weather conditions like cold seasons. 
  • Comes with a high tang beavertail grip for your safety
  • Doesn’t come with a CO2 cartridge
  • Allows for effective front serrations on the side and quick draw diamond grips
  • Ambidextrous safety that suits both left and right handed users 
  • Does not include CO2 Cartridge
  • Front cocking serrations on the slide and fast draw diamond grips
  • Cold weather ready. High tang beavertail safety grip CO2 Power
  • Things that I like in Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol

Frame and slide

The Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol brings you an incredible two-tone tan finish on its lower frame and a black side. If you love full metal guns that are long lasting with a two-tone coating, this is the right airsoft pistol for you.

I love the fact that it comes just like the classic 1911 but goes a notch higher to offer you an impressive functioning slide catch, mag release and ambidextrous safety.

As a passionate fervent shooter, find this airsoft easy to sight, thanks to its railed frame able to accept tactical lights and lasers.

Besides, you are likely to enjoy using this design for your indoor and night gaming while relying on its light. I like its threaded barrel that supports mock suppression.

Internal parts functionality

Are you keen on airsoft rifle hop-up? You have extra distance you require to take a shot down range, thanks to the smooth operation this airsoft comes with.

Treat yourself with the ease to pull its slide back a bit and slide the catch out to separate the attached two pieces.

If you love pistols dedicated to task and offering regular firing, you can never go wrong with this gun of a standard brass with a smooth barrel of 6.08mm

Trigger and Grip

To level it up to an excellent upgrade, it’s intelligently designs with a skeleton cut hammer and an enhanced beaver tail to provide the much-needed safety.

Expect its plastic gripping plus a stripped back strap worth your competition. It’s an excellent feel on your hand.


The Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol comes with a drop-free 14-round magazine that loads up in just a single stack look.

Impressively, its 12-gram CO2 cartridges it uses are easy to find in the market. It provides you an Allen wrench for putting the CO2 in and you are set using it.

  • Things I didn’t like about the Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol


I don’t like the fact that you have to take its slide off the frame to adjust it instead of using its adjustment key.

I would have loved too if this airsoft pistol came with a second magazine for convenience.


#02: Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol

Hit the CBQ field as an enthusiast with this user-friendly airsoft pistol built to the true original American classic, the Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Air Pistol.

It is not only easy to use but also embraces a solid durable body construction worth your precious dollars.

Features of this product

  • Comes with checkered brown grips for stable holding
  • Provides ultra-realistic shooting know-how
  • Made of a long lasting full weight , all metal frame
  • Designed true to the original American classic
  • Things that I like in Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol


Count on this full weight design that is made of an all-metal frame and checkered brown grips to provide you a solid feel.

The Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol features a 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Remarkably, its thumb-operated slide stop and magazine enables you release for drop-out 18-shot BB magazine to hold the cartridge

Usage and performance

I like the fact that its semi-automatic recoil blowback action mechanism provides ultra-realistic shooting capability.

The semi-automatic recoil blowback action mechanism delivers an ultra-realistic shooting experience that will inspire your creativity.

Trigger and Grip

To level it up to an excellent upgrade, it’s intelligently designs with a skeleton cut hammer and an enhanced beaver tail to provide the much-needed safety.

Expect its plastic gripping plus a stripped back strap worth your competition. It’s an excellent feel on your hand.


Whether you are a beginner or an ardent shooter, its beavertail grip safety is something to depend on, especially when training your child.

Other aspects

  • Use its manual to take a quick learning curve as you enjoy its sighting, thanks to its fixed blade fixed blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight.
  • Offers authentic designs with high precision, operations and control
  • Things that I didn’t like about the Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol

Co2 and protection

I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with the CO2. It is also one of the airsoft pistols that don’t come with a case for protective storage and carrying around.


#03: Umarex Walther 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol

As a dedicated gun owner, member of the military, civilian or a member of law enforcement, find this uniquely designed airsoft pistol, especially when it comes to its cocking system.

Remarkably, the fully licensed trademark P99 once you cock it the first time, you are set to fire and you don’t need to cock it again. It has great shooting capability and is light in weight for effortless portability.

 Features of This Product

  • Comes with a long range of accuracy
  • Magazine able to hold up to 15 rounds of ammo
  • Barrel made of smooth a protective and durable smooth metal
  • Caliber of the pistol is 20g or higher of 6mm
  • Magazine release is effortless and easy to reach out to
  • Comes with reliable accuracy
  • High performance blowback and CO2.
  • Things that I like in the Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol, 6mm, Black


Treat your arsenal with this pistol able to shoot up to 120 feet away with the reliable precision. You want need an airsoft pistol that lets you down when you are in a competition or when you need it most.


Besides, its magazine has the impressive capability to hold up to 15 rounds of ammo. This implies you can continuously keep shooting without the need to stop and do the reload.


With a caliber of 20.g or higher of 6mm, upgrade your airsoft experience with this incredible design, thanks to the caliber capacity with dependable power for every shot you take.


I love the fact that its barrel comes in a durable construction that is not only smooth but also protects the pistol from possible rusting. Additionally, it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Things that I didn’t about the Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol, 6mm, Black


I find it not my cup of tea by the fact that it consumes a lot more of the CO2 given its blowback capability. It sometimes can slide and prematurely lock while shooting the pistol. This could affect the smooth operation.


#04: Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

One of the most popular best airsoft pistols, the Soft Air Colt 1911 is designed to provide user convenience, thanks to its reliable functionality and durable design.

It is specially designed as an American classic sidearm with reliable replicas in the market today.



Features of This Product

  • Comes as semi-automatic design
  • Full durable metal body construction
  • Able to shoot 344 FPS using 20 gram BBS
  • It’s a 6mm blowback airsoft pistol
  • Provides stable hand gripping 
  • Suitably portable for easy control
  • Things that I like in the Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol


For those of us keen on blowback of our arsenal, the Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol is an effective semi-automatic Co2 blowback pistol with recommendable power.


Enjoy using this long lasting full metal body pistol replica that comes with a fully functional slide. This will also save you possible replacement cots in the long run.


Rely on tis 12g CO2 powered 17 BB drop-free magazine, to shoot your targets using a dependable velocity of 344 FPS (using 20g BBs). I love the fact that it comes with an excellent range and the accuracy that doesn’t disappoint.

Other aspects

  • To avoid instances of losing your airsoft pistol sidearm, its sling stud has been intelligently included in its craft of the grip.
  • Notably, it’s rugged enough for stable handling and long lasting.
  • Things that I didn’t like in the Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Laser use and CO2 canister availability

I don’t like inconvenience of not being able to use a laser on this gun. It also doesn’t come with a Co2 cartridge.


#05: Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun Pistol

Am always keen on an airsoft pistol that comes with a durable body construction and this is what exactly the Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun provides you.

Besides, it is designed to provide you, as ardent shooter, with reliable precision and quick reaction to your targets.


Features of this product

  • Comes with a durable metal body construction
  • Boasts reliable blowback
  • Embraces fixed sights
  • It’s a double/single action pistol
  • Uses Co2 ( 12-gram cartridge) 
  • Things that I like in the Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun


Popular among military personnel, training experts among other fervent, the Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Caliber Gun is a fully licensed that brings your shooting experience with a high power blow-back BB.

Powering and speed

Remarkably, it is powered by CO2 capsules of the Sig Sauer p226, implying you are able to fire the 177 copper/steel BB up to 300 feet per second. This is reliable speed and quick accuracy to take on your aim.

Expect to get 50 shots from just a single capsule with a range of up to 60 meters and a magazine capacity of 27 BBs, thanks to the performance-0tailored design of the airsoft.

Durability and grip

Could you be looking for an affordable but durable airsoft pistol? How about this model that is made of full metal, except the grips, for a long lasting effect?

Furthermore, it is a realistic action accessory with a great feel when touched. You can confidently count on its solid grip for the stability you need while doing the shooting.

  • Things that I didn’t like about the Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun

Functionality and safety

Despite the fact that this pistol replica can be cocked, I don’t like its safety measures in design. It seems unsafe while half-cocked which might results to possible accidents regardless of its high performance.


#06: KJW Model  Co2 blowback full metal (Airsoft Gun)

Many like this pistol replica because of its quality body constructions and reliable performance.

If you intend for personal training, sporting competition or engage in any other application of your airsoft pistol, this is the right model to use.

Features of this product

  • Comes in a durable full metal body construction
  • Has an adjustable hop up
  • Embraces impressive blowback action
  • Comes with a 26 round magazine
  • Safe to use 
  • Has a working slide lock
  • Its compatible with CO2 or green gas magazines
  • It is a 330 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Things that I did like about the Kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal (Airsoft Gun)

Accuracy and blowback

If you are the type keen on the precision of an airsoft pistol, this design delivers to your expectations.

Besides, it boasts a powerful blowback action where the slides cycles with each other for the extra practicality you can count on when taking your shots.


An airsoft pistol without safety isn’t a cup of tea for seasoned shooters and gun fanatics. The Kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal (Airsoft Gun) comes with a functional slide lock, hammer to enhance its safe body construction while in use.


Every dollar spent counts with this airsoft pistol, thanks to its full metal external design that is dedicated to last you for a long period.

The pistol is of high quality best airsoft pistols and a suitable choice for those intending to experience smooth operation while shooting.

Other aspects

This airsoft pistol is compatible for use with green gas or Co2 powered magazines. Personally, I liked its level of sound, it isn’t as loud.

  • Things that I didn’t like about the Kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal (Airsoft Gun)

Accompaniments and design

I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with green gas and it isn’t automatic too.


#07: H&K USP Pistol

Heckler & Koch Airsoft, one of the hottest brands in airsoft gaming today, enables you to be prepared in your competition with the H&K USP Pistol. If you need fast action, this is your ultimate choice of real accurate Co2 action.

It is a standard short but medium—sized handgun for a serious gun owner. It delivers more for just its size. Amazingly, its durable too.

Additionally, this is a licensed replica that embraces unique designing, thanks to the quality manufacturer, the Heckler & Koch firearm.

Features of this product

  • ​Boasts excellent accuracy of Approx. 120+ ft. 
  • Has a velocity of approximately 350-380 FPS
  • Comes with semi and safety selection modes
  • The magazine carries 16 rounds
  •  Has semi and safety selection modes
  • Its powered by a single 12g Co2 capsule
  • Has quality drop-free magazine that houses the CO2 and BBs 
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Has a Caliber of 6mm .20g, .23g, .25g
  • Things that I did like about the H&K USP Pistol


This airsoft 1:1 replica engages hammer through its pull trigger to provide extra realism. Enjoy the ease of pulling back the slide to experience easy usage. You are likely to identify this airsoft pistol just by having a look at its orange tip.

Have much fun when trying to engage the airsoft pistol, by having its magazine release simulation for the firearm to drop the magazine free from the grip frame. Never have to worry of capacity since the airsoft will enable you to hold 25 airsoft BBs.

Body construction

I love the sturdiness and appropriate weight of the H&K USP Pistol. It makes it easy for you to carry it around even for long hours.

Find the slide action not only long lasting but also accurate to task. Its magazine capacity is a suitable 25 rounds.


It’s comfortable to hold, suitably small and medium-sized in your hands. This also implies you can hold it in your hand for long hours while actively participating in your activity of choice.

Lastly, this is one of the best-performing airsoft replicas that boast balanced weight throughout its body design.

The USP is a popular HK pistol and is a 1:1 replica of the live fire HK USP. This is the single action spring operated USP. The hammer moves with each pull of the trigger.

  • Things that I didn’t like about the H&K USP Pistol

Blowback capability

I found it not my cup of tea given that fact that it is not a blowback. It is not full-auto functionality nor is it ambidextrous.


#08: Sig Sauer Co2 Powered 12 GR Air Pistol

The Sig Sauer P226 .177 is one of the most respected airsoft brands in the world today since 1984. It has been used by the US Navy seal and the USA army’s XM9 service pistol trials and training sessions because of its superb functionality and ease of use.

Features of this product

  • ​Uses a 12-gram Co2 cartridge 
  • Has blowback capability
  • Comes in a durable metal frame and slide
  • Comes with a manual guide for safe use
  • Has been life-tested with 15,000 shots on record
  • Boasts a great 16rd front sight
  • Has a patented cam-operated Co2 piercing system
  • Has a fixed rear and front sight
  • Designed with a Rifled steel barrel 
  • One of the first guns to be adopted for air gun market
  • Things that I did like about the Sig Sauer P226 .177 CAL Co2 Powered 12 GR Air Pistol (16 Rounds)


Additionally, it carries impressive weight for effortless portability and control. This also means you don’t need to necessarily have to make trips to the range as you shoot.

This is a uniquely model that has been tested at the Sig Academy before use. The Sig Sauer P226 air pistol is a fantastic reproduction with realistic weight and controls, giving you the ability to practice your new shooting skills without having to make a trip to the range.


Would you like an airsoft that comes with a double/single action trigger? How about this crafts that whose double action pulling is long enough?

Ease of use

As an outdoor shooting enthusiast, count on this pistol that provides smooth operations at just 9lbs. of portability. Once the trigger resets into a single action mode the trigger is able to impressively pull at 3lbs. 14oz.

  • Things that I didn’t like about the Sig Sauer P226 .177 CAL Co2 Powered 12 GR Air Pistol (16 Rounds)


I would have loved to see the slide lock back smoothly, unfortunately it doesn’t. it also doesn’t bring you the convenience of adding a silencer to its craft.


#09: KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

Most fanatic users recognize this airsoft pistol as a great arsenal for training. Besides, whether you are a newbie into airsoft pistols or an aficionado in gun shooting, you will find this model easy to adapt to, that’s to its convenient functionality.

Features of this product

  • It’s a green gas NS2 system
  • Designed with a composite polymer frame
  • Has a composite polymer frame
  • Comes in a durable full metal alloy slide
  • 1:1 Scale Airsoft Blow Back Pistol
  • Carries 340-350 FPS w/.20g BBs
  • Things that I liked about the KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

Testability and application

This design is currently being employed by law enforcement and military groups in training practice and much more. This is a stamp of confidence on its functionality.

Notably, this airsoft pistol steps up to cost effectively train and provide necessary practice for gun use safety.


Enjoy the portability and cost-effective operation of this airsoft replica, thanks to its polymer frame and aluminum alloy slide, famous among enthusiasts as outstandingly light weight.

Adaptability and convenience

You want a vibrant functionality in your airsoft pistol? Count on the KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol frame able to fit many duty holsters available in the market.

Furthermore, the accessory rail provides the operator with the tactical advantage you need as you utilize its three dot sights for quick target location.

Never have to worry of customization, this airsoft allows you to tailor it to your usage, thanks to the interchangeable back strap adjustable to your taste.

  • Things that I didn’t like about the KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

For those keen of a multipurpose design, unfortunately the airsoft replica isn’t a full auto.


#10: Sig Sauer X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft Pistol

Lastly, you can’t wait to experience this officially licensed trademark of the Sig Sauer P226 X- Five Tactical arsenal. It’s durable for just its price cut but also reliable in accuracy.

Features of this product

  • Comes with a long lasting full metal body construction
  • It is a C02 blowback
  • Embraces suitably an adjustable spin up shooting system 28rd. Mag Capacity
  • Has railed frame suitable for tactical options
  • Able to shoot for approx. 300-330FPS w/ a .20g BB
  • Things that I liked about the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft Pistol, Black


Find this airsoft not only heavy weight but also durable, thanks to its metal alloy construction. This implies you have flexible control of the gun while on your hand.

Body construction

Step up your confidence with this replica during your competitions. You can rely on its 25 round drop free magazine and 20mm frame mounted accessory rail for dependable speed and precision while shooting your target.

Other aspects

  • Provides a functional slide lock and level that is safe.
  • Comes with realistic blowback action. It also has textured grip panels for stability while in your hand.
  • Things that I didn’t like about the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft Pistol, Black


I didn’t like its plastic craft, it seems weak. Additionally, the barrel doesn’t come with threading

5 Factors That Matter When Choosing the Best Airsoft Pistols

Before making a keen decision on your best airsoft, it is imperative to pay attention to these aspects that your favorite model should have. Your piece should be worth the cost.

Your experience with guns and airsoft pistols

  • You can affordably get yourself a gun that suits your experience. If you are a newbie into airsoft pistols, I suggest you pick designs that are easy to handle and use.
  • The airsoft should inspire you to develop the passion into using the real guns in the long run. A seasoned airsoft user should be keen on a model that helps nurture the skills and learn new tactics.


Are you looking forward to do target shooting or practice? Opt for an airsoft pistol that comes with an easy-to-follow guide.

Consider the role you are to play in your competitions to suit your type of airsoft pistol to the appropriate functionality.

  • If you are to play as a leader in a sporting event, choose an automatic airsoft pistol. It will help you fire rapidly with the right precision. The airsoft should be like an assault rifle.
  • You are to take the position as a support gunner? How about an airsoft that got a lot of ammunition? This will enable you spray at your target as you effectively neutralize the enemy.
  • As a sniper you need an accurate airsoft gun that is precise and fast to engage.


  • If you want an airsoft pistol that delivers high performance, check on the quality of the design plus functionality in your airsoft. This should be worth the price cut.
  • At the same time, don’t sacrifice the price of your airsoft gun at the expense of the performance you need.
  • Different kind of designs will differ in terms of cost take into account your tastes and preferences.

Magazines needed

  • For the juicy part of your passion with the airsoft pistols, you gun is as good as how powerful it can fire. This is where your kind of magazine steps in.
  • Therefore, I suggest you opt for a bigger magazine with a larger capacity. They come with impressive ammunition.
  • Magazines with a high capacity compensate for the poor accuracy and situations where you are engaging your airsoft pistol in multiple targets.
  • Depending on your position in a recreational activity, opt for an airsoft that will live up to your expectations.

Type of airsoft

  • If you choose gas powered guns, they are uniquely powerful though small. Some come fully automated while others semi-automated. Gas powered guns are unique and are one of the most popular options for airsoft handguns. On the contrary, as they age, they tend to fluctuate in performance consistency and to difficult operate in cold harsh weather conditions. 
  • If you need a blowback gun, they are impressive in recoiling quickly to the rearward, thanks to their automation.
  • These pistols have remarkable cycling action but I don’t like the fact that they are a little bit louder and way more expensive than its counterparts.
  • Besides, non-blowback pistols come with a fixed slide for maximized accuracy, muzzle velocity and power. They have better functionality and are durable than blowback electric guns. They are simple to operate.
  • I love the simplicity to use them, their quietness plus affordability something to pay attention to.

Other factors to consider

  • Whether you need an electric pistol or semi-electric models. Electric designs with rechargeable batteries bring the convenience of smooth operation without interruptions to your experience. I don’t recommend them for a newbie since some might be difficult to use.
  • Notably, semi-automatic pistols have lower power than gas powered guns. They are an outstanding companion if you live in a cold environment.
  • Spring-powered airsoft pistols tend to be cheap but function quite well. They don’t use gas or batteries to operate. But, I detest the idea that you have to manually cock them for your every single shot. You are new into airsoft guns? This is the ideal learning curve for you.

How to Use the Best Airsoft Pistols

Pay attention to these details for the ultimate utilization of your specific replica;

  • Always wear protective gear like fully sealing googles when using your airsoft
  • Keep your gun unloaded to ensure it doesn’t accidentally come go off. This will ensure safety in use and in storage
  • Point your airsoft downwards or away from anything while using it.
  • Don’t play with your airsoft in public places
  • Store it in room temperature away from wet surfaces; clean it regularly before storing it away from unauthorized access among other considerations.

Final Verdict

I hope this review not only helps you single out your best high performance choice but also utilize their incredible features, functionality and unique style.

Whether you find a revolver, automatic airsoft or any other best airsoft pistols interesting, upgrade you skills as a shooting aficionado with any of these dependable designs.

You airsoft should be easy to engage while complimenting your new tactics. Your choice is as good as your taste and preferences.

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