How to Start an Airsoft Site for business?

Airsoft is emerging as one of the most popular competitive sports. Anywhere in the world, enthusiasts have set-up teams and compete with other teams. Due to the popularity of airsoft as a sport, different airsoft sites have sprouted to give airsoft players a venue where they can enjoy the game. Starting an airsoft site business can be lucrative but daunting at the same time. Setting up such business is not easy as you think it is.

Business Plan

Starting an airsoft site business begins with laying down a business plan. Even though an airsoft site is designed for hobbyists and competitions, it is still a business and should be treated as such. Before venturing into an airsoft site business, you first need to consider its viability. If you would be requesting for funding from banks or a lending institution, you will need a robust business plan. You can use a business scheduling software for the initial planning of your business.


The first thing you should look for when starting an airsoft site business is the land. How you can play airsoft without a playing venue? Airsoft can be played on a woodland outdoor or CQC indoor site so you first need to decide on whether you will run an indoor or outdoor site. Your choice will determine the kind of airsoft site land you should look for. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of each.

A woodland outdoor site is difficult to find. You need to be patient and know a lot of people. Not many woodland property owners advertise their land. If there is one in your area, chances are it is already being used for weekend game and clay shooting.

CQC indoor environments, on the other hand, are abandoned buildings or indoor warehouses. But just like a woodland airsoft site, CQC indoor sites are also hard to find as they are often not listed. Again, you would need to have a lot of connections. As most of them are played on abandoned properties, you need to check for asbestos and other structural problems. Most CQC environments are realistically expensive.


This is another important consideration you need to look into when setting up an airsoft site business. Since your airsoft site will be used by members of the public, public liability insurance is necessary.  You do not want to be paying compensation in case there is an accident or injury. The good news many insurance providers are now offering airsoft site insurance. You may also have to offer insurance for the other aspects of your business such as for weapons rental or for fire and theft.


Safety goes hand in hand with your insurance offering. Make sure to have a first aider in your site for emergency purposes. The person does not have to be a dedicated first aider but should have the proper first aid training. However, it is also recommended that you should also know about health and safety, and risk assessment yourself. Your knowledge will come in handy in case your first aider is not around and someone got injured.

In addition, your airsoft site should also have a fire plan in place. If you plan to use “hot burning pyro,” there should be a standby water bucket. You may also want to inform the local police about your airsoft site to prevent them from being suspicious of your business.


The most important equipment you should be having in your airsoft site are rental weapons, magazines, and eye protection. You should always assume that players will arrive at your airsoft site with nothing but just their money. Your airsoft site equipment should include the following:

Safety. This is part of the safety precaution you should be implementing on your airsoft site. This will include eye protection, face protection, and safety clothes. You can consider buying rugged and re-usable cheap overalls. Additional equipment may include boots, gloves, and anti-fog spray.

Guns. While some players will have their own airsoft guns, you should also have rental guns available for those who do not have their own guns. There should be plenty of spare batteries, chargers, and magazines.

Consumables Consumable consist of the things that the players can use to keep playing. This may include BBs and pyrotechnics, gas for GBBs, and oil/lubricants for the techies.

Food. Hunger can kick in anytime while players are playing so you need to have food available as well. If you can serve lunch during the midday, it would be to your advantage. You also would want to have plenty of snacks and drinks that the players can take out.

To keep your airsoft site running for a long time, you should consider updating your facility from time to time.  You do not want your business to be shutting down because of an obsolete airsoft site.


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