Best Airsoft Pistol 2018 – In Depth Guide & Reviews

    I have been playing with airsoft pistol for a long time. One thing I discovered about this guns while playing with them is that the more time you spend using them, the more thrilling the game becomes. The thrill just does not come from the eerie areas my friends and I play in but the guns we usually carry.

    In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the best airsoft pistol on the market today. I've done an intense research, in particular, to help you find excellent airsoft pistol.

    I tested and tried them out, each of them is uniqu17ely awesome with unending adventures for you to explore.

    Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

    Are you looking for the great airsoft pistol? Definitely This pistol is among the top quality products that help you to practice and improve your shooting accuracy.

    For pros, you may be having an idea on how to choose the top rated airsoft pistol but remember we have to take along the beginners too. You may also find out a fact you've never come across.

    Shooting Power

    the airsoft pistol that you pick, make sure it has a powerful shooting system. This includes high quality and an adjustable red dot if its electric and a smooth semi or full automatic action. This will help you keep up with the stiff competition of the game.

    The Velocity

    The velocity of the gun is another vital element you should consider before buying a rifle or a pistol. High-velocity guns inspire more fun than low velocity or moderate velocity guns. Check the indicated feet per second values on the package of the pistol before picking it.

    Magazine Capacity

    The immense the amount of BBs an airsoft pistol can accommodate the better the gaming experience. I suggest you look at the capacity of the pistol's magazine before purchasing it.

    Quality And Performance

    If you are looking for a great airsoft pistol that will give you epic gaming experience, you may hence consider its quality and level of performance.

    A good quality airsoft rifle guarantees top notch performance, unlike poor quality pistol. Also for gaming in creepy areas like caves and deserts, the nest rifle or pistol for such places is a metal one or a high-quality plastic body that cannot disintegrates easily.


    The picking of the airsoft pistol or rifle will also depend entirely on your experience with such machines. If you are a newbie, do a thorough research so that you can understand what you are buying. But if you are pro, pick a pistol that fits your level of experience.

    The 10 Ultimate List Of The Best Airsoft Pistol





    Magazine Capacity



    Umarex Walther P99
    Air Soft Pisto​l


    380 FPS

    15 rounds

    Plastic & Metal

    Colt 1911 Co2
    Air Soft Pistol
    (Editor Choice)


    344 FPS

    17 Rounds

    Full Metal

    Crosman AREKTC Airsoft Rifle & Pistol


    325 FPS

    800 BBGL

    Plastic & Metal

    Airsoft Gun Package
    Great for Starter


    300 FPS

    15/50 Rounds

    Plastic & Metal

    M82 Fully Automatic
    Electric Rifle

    28 Inches

    200/250 FPS

    30 Rounds

    Solid Plastic

    M85P AEG
    Airsoft Gun Rifle

    20/28 Inches

    200/250 FPS

    50 Rounds

    Solid Plastic

    BBTac Airsoft Package
    Guns Sniper Rifle


    300/500 FPS

    15/50 Rounds

    Solid Plastic

    Sig Sauer P226
    Airsoft Pistol

    9 Inches

    410 FPS

    24 Rounds

    Full Metal

    GF529 Sniper
    Airsoft Rifle

    37 Inches

    425 FPS

    29 Rounds

    Metal Barrel

    Airsoft Gun CO2 Semi-Automatic BB Pistol Shoot Biodegradable

    Ops Wolverine CO2
    Airsoft Gun Pistol


    430 FPS

    18 round


    Top 10 Best Airsoft Pistol Reviews

    Below are the top 10 airsoft brands under 100 maximum on the market, based on online reviews, features, budget, efficiency, and performance analysis.​

    The Umarex Walther 2262020 airsoft pistol is offering you a different and indescribable experience. It is a fully licensed and trademarked with walther.

    This means that it covers your safety while using it. You also won't rely on guess work. The Umarex Walther 2262020 airsoft pistol will enable you to focus precisely on your target and hit it without missing. No more guess works.

    Features Of This Product

    • Has a smooth bore barrel made of metal 
    • It 120+ feet accurate 
    • Can hold magazines up to 15 rounds 
    • It is a 6mm and 20g caliber 
    • Has a high velocity of 380 feet per second

    Things that I like in Umarex Walther 2262020 Air Soft Pistol

    One Cock Back

    The Umarex Walther 2262020 best airsoft gbb pistol is a very convenient and stressfree pistol. You will only have to cock it once. Unlike other pistols, you won't need to cock it again.

    Sturdy Body

    The trademarked pistol used all over the world even with professional police, it looks great. It has a perfect frame length and a tough body. It's not easily broken and can serve you for a very long time. This fact I tested it and I can assure you it has no problems.

    Semi- Automatic Action

    The heavily constructed pistol features the semi-automatic action. This means you can pull it just once to trigger the semi-automatic action. Besides the semi-automatic action help save the energy of the gun so that you can have fun for even eight hours.

    Things I didn't like about the Umarex Walther 2262020 Air Soft Pistol

    • Heavy

    Despite the fact that the heavily constructed body gives the gun durability, it also makes it heavy to carry around. The weight will slow you down and even cause you strains on arm muscles. Therefore the gun is great for short game or practice sessions.

    Enter your text herThe colt 100th anniversary 1911 CO2 full metal airsoft pistol has an incredible history of impressive performance. Its bonus value of being the most trusted weapon over the years has rendered it powerful and reliable.

    Features Of This Product

    • Has a semi-automatic action system 
    • The body is full metal 
    • The hands' resting positions are textured
    • The pistol shoots up to 344 feet per seconds 
    • 6mm blowback airsoft pistol

    Things I like in colt 100th anniversary 1911 airsoft pistol CO2 full metal

    Licenced Gun

    The colt 100th anniversary airsoft pistol offers total safety and reliability for you when using it. The pistol is fully licensed by colt who are the same people behind the magnificent and tough gun.

    Remarkable Design

    The colt 100th anniversary 1911 CO2 full metal airsoft pistol features a full metal serrated slide with barrel and frame. The gun is so good looking with a cool design. Besides, it has a detachable magazine that is also full metal for it to be durable.

    Fixed Sights

    It has two sights that are fixed on both the front and the rear. No more target guessing with this gun. You will be able to shoot up to 344 feet per second because it has a high power output that comes with very high accuracy.

    Things I didn't like about the colt 100th anniversary 1911 CO2 full metal airsoft pistol

    • Heavy weighted

    The colt 100th anniversary 1911 CO2 full metal airsoft pistol was crafted from a heavy-duty metal to cover its durability and toughness to withstand harsh gaming conditions, but the gun is quite heavy. I think its only great for a short time plays. Long ones will be a challenge to carry them around.

    The Crossman AREKTC Elite Airsoft commando kit combines a powerful airsoft pistol spring and rifle that has proven to be extremely efficient. It is a collection of beautiful pieces of work crafted precisely to give you a different experience in shooting unlike before. It seems like best airsoft gas pistol but actually not.

    Features Of This Product

    • Can load and shoot 6mm BB's size 
    • Both the rifle and pistol have a high velocity of 325 feet per second
    • The kit has a holster for a pistol 
    • Both the rifle and the pistol use spring power 
    • Long lasting frames 

    Things that I like in Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft

    Front And Rear Fixed Sights

    The Crossman AREKTC Elite Airsoft commando rifle and pistol have powerful accuracy measure that is so impressive. They both features the fixed front and rear sights that are work awesome when it comes to target marking and focusing. You will be able to know exactly at what point your target is and be able to hit without guessing.

    Adjustable Hop Up

    The Crossman AREKTC Elite airsoft commando rifle has an adjustable hop up system. Along side, the adjustable hop up comes the collapsible stock and quadrail mount system. All these mechanisms were incorporated to make the rifle work effectively and fast.

    Full Battle Kit

    The Crossman AREKTC Elite Airsoft commando kit contains a full package of battle defense items which include the spring powered rifle, another spring powered pistol and pistol holster. The kit also comes with a BB grenade style holder that will allow you to load up to 800 BBs.

    Things that I didn't like in Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft

    • Need time to assemble

    The kit comes segmented in different parts of weapons, so you will require time to put the rifle and the pistol together before use. Unlike other pistols which come ready for use, the Grossman AREKTC Elite Airsoft commando kit needs your attention first before being perfect for the occasion.

    BBTac Airsoft Gun Package comprises of a collection of some of the most admirable guns in the market today. Especially for beginners, this gun will work very well for them. They are light on weight offering you the feel of air softening too.

    Features Of This Product

    • The rifle and shotgun are light in weight
    • They can both shoot up to 300 feet per second 
    • Comes with an airsoft clip for fast loading and quick turn around 
    • Rifle and pistol are both powerful 
    • The package is an M4 caliber

    Things that I like about the BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

    Realistic Replica

    The powerful spring loaded top rated airsoft pistol, rifle and gun from BBTac is an awesome replica which features a realistic, detailed finish. The greatly constructed starter guns are cool looking to enhance the courage of the beginner. It is also easy to load the gun using the clip for fast and simple reload mechanism.

    Spring Loaded

    The succinct BBTac Airsoft Gun Package features an influential spring loaded magazine that can be attached and detached from the gun. The gun can be loaded with twelve grams of BBs besides shooting up to 300 feet per second. The package offers a great deal in saving so much cash yet you get an awesome gun to take down your competitors in a shooting game.

    Set To Play

    The BBTac Airsoft Gun Package encompasses 6mm pellets of ammo for airsoft for you to start shooting right away once you receive it. That is why for beginners, the BBTac Airsoft Gun Package is not that challenging to use for the first time.

    Things I didn't like about the BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

    • Made of low quality plastic that can easily break

    As much as the gun is great, when you go to play in hard areas with no cover objects where the only cover is to throw yourself down, you will come back with a broken gun. The light material is not tough enough to last.

    The thrill of owning a cool rifle that will inspire the enthusiast in you is much more appealing because in the end, you will manage to compete effectively in a friendly game of shooting when you are probably free from everything else. The BBTac BT-M82 fully automatic electric rifle is an advanced piece of fun simulator that bears a lot of auxiliary benefits.

    Features Of This Product

    • Moderate velocity of 200 fps 
    • Uses Ammo type BBs 
    • Has a flashlight mount 
    • It is a foldable stock 
    • Comes with a battery charger

    Things I liked in BBTac BT-M82 fully automatic electric rifle

    Exceptional Fire Modes

    The BBTacBT-M82fully automatic electricrifle features two firing systems making it unique and outstanding. The electric rifle can work in both semi and fully automatic modes. The full mode is great when the game has reached its pick, and the semi mode is great for saving the rifles energy.

    Long Lasting Battery

    The BBTacBT-M82fully automatic electricrifle features a power plant with a rechargeable ni-cad battery. Once you charge it to maximum, you will be able to paly for a long period without fast depletion of power.

    Sight Adjustable Red Dot Electric

    The black BBTacBT-M82fully automatic electricrifle also comes with a lucrative sight mark that can be succinctly adjusted to focus clearly and hit the target precisely.
    Without forgetting the extra accessories that can be targeted on the rifle like flashlights to enhance the gaming experience.

    Things I didn't like about BBTac BT-M82 fully automatic electric rifle

    • Needs to be recharged over and over

    The boring part about this rifle is the fact that you have to recharge it over and over. Unlike spring powered pistol or compressed air one which you have to enjoy the unlimited gaming experience.
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    The double eagle M85P Airsoft Electric Gun, Rifle is a powerful gun that is fully equipped for your recreational purposes. For a long time, we have been using guns that are less accessorized, and we had to improvise guns in some way so as to have maximum fun but not anymore.

    Features Of This Product

    • Can fire in both semi auto or full modes
    • Has a selection switch 
    • Comes with a rechargeable battery that powers it 
    • Has a flashlight 
    • 200 feet per second velocity

    Things that I like in the Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle

    The SG 522 Style

    The new generation gun features an amicable S52 style of airsoft electric guns. With it hop up version, I can assure you, you will enjoy a high quality performance and precision. The heavy weight gun has a realistic and tough body style for durability.

    Fires 6mm Bbs

    The motor driven gun by 7.2 NiCD rechargeable battery can fire six millimetres sized BBs. Besides, it comes with a selector switch for both full or semi-automatic actions. With the adjustable red dot sight, you will be able to enjoy shooting to approximately 200 feet per seconds.

    Safe For Play

    The remarkably authentic rifle looks, feels, weighs and functions like a real SG 552. It was crafted just for you to have fun with it. The only way you can distinguish this gun from the real SG 552 is the blazing orange tip and the fact that it fires pellets known as BBs instead of real bullets.

    Things I didn't like in the Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle

    • Use of battery

    Using battery in for recreational use is a bit challenging because if you are going for many hours game, you will be forced to recharge it or carry an extra battery because the battery power can run low when the game is so up top making you miss out most of the fun parts.

    The uniquely made BBTac airsoft package is much more effective and game driven unlike any other rifle or pistol kit. It's the only one so far that utilizes the energy of compressed air to propel and release BBs from their storage inside it. No more worrying about injuries, using the BBtac gun sniper is extremely safe.

    Features Of This Product

    • Has a strong plastic body
    • Can hold 1000 BBs 
    • Both pistol and shotgun have high velocity 
    • Has lasers and flashlights 
    • Light in weight for comfortable play

    Things That I Like About The Bbtac Airsoft Package

    Immense Magazine

    The BBTac Airsoft Package - Lot of 5 airsoft guns sniper rifle shotgun machine pistols features a huge space for you to load BBs. You will be able to load so much and play for a long time, unlike other guns which you have to keep reloading.

    Extra Accessories

    Both the shotgun and the pistol come fully equipped with special accessories for you to enjoy maximum efficiency. It features vertical grip, red dot scope, and flashlight. Besides that, they have batteries and electric sight for you to enjoy a faultless full airsoft system.

    High Velocity

    The BBTac Airsoft Package - Lot of 5 airsoft guns and best airsoft sniper rifles shotgun machine pistols have an installed semi-automatic and full automatic actions to choose from. You will realize that they both fire 6mm of BBs at a very impressive velocity of 260 feet per second. This means you will achieve 500 rounds in just a minute.

    Things I didn't like in the BBTac Airsoft Package

    • Plastic body

    The BBTac Airsoft Package - Lot of 5 Airsoft Guns Sniper Rifle Shotgun Machine Pistols is technically considered a low powered rifle and shotgun. This is because it is engrossed with a plastic gearbox. Despite the fact that it's ideal for entry level or introduction to airsoft guns, it's not steady and tough enough to last longer and put up with tough gaming conditions.

    Every year the sig saucer company does not miss to come up with a new great product. The sig saucer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical airsoft pist​ol is another one of the newest designs reigning markets today.

    The new design is smooth and easy to use. With its super efficient and powerful shooting system, you will have lots of fun being at the top of your game every time you play.

    Features Of This Product

    • The pistol is black in color
    • User can add other tactical options 
    • Has a rugged railed frame
    • The shooting system is adjustable 
    • It has a tough metal frame.

    Things that I like about the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical airsoft pistol

    Shooting System

    The sig saucer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical airsoft pistol features an adjustable shooting system which is unfailing and excellent. The accurate replica sidearm will allow you to feel like you are in a real and thrilling battlefield. In addition to that its lightweight, safe and easy to use. In fact, once it's shipped to you, you can just pick it up and use it.

    Body Frame

    The black in color, sig saucer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowbac k Tactical airsoft pistol features an integrated railed frame. This rugged frame is so advantageous in many ways. It not only offers you a comfortable and stable grip but will also allow you to add other tactical options such as green lasers, flashlights and other accessories you may need for your game.

    Shooting Velocity

    The uncommonly added marvelous shooting velocity will blow your mind. The fully metal constructed sig saucer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical airsoft pistol features a CO2 blowback mechanism that has a high magazine capacity and a wide range of shooting besides the impressive BBs rounds you will make.

    Things I didn't like inSig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft

    • Its heavy

    The sig saucer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical airsoft pistol is fully constructed from heavy metal. Despite the fact that the heavy metal makes it tough and durable, it exaggerates the guns weight, now, carrying the gun around for many hours would be a bit hectic because of its heavy.

    If you love shooting over long distances, then you will love the GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle. It is one of the best rifles built to satisfy a big time player.

    It will allow you only to aim to have much more fun like it's the last time you are playing. To top it all, its made by a highly respected and trusted company, that is, GameFace.

    Features Of This Product

    • It's spring powered 
    • Comes with a cleaning rod 
    • Can hold BBs of 6mm 
    • Comprises speedloader 
    • Has a low weight

    Things that I like about the GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

    It's Tested

    The GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle is so far the only rifle that has been tested by professionals to approve its remarkable performance. It is, therefore, safe, easy to use and quick to load and offload BBs. It has been officially licensed and trademarked.

    Incomparable Performance

    The powerful rifle, as I mentioned earlier, its performance and quality has been put on very competitive testing scales, yet the rifle managed to scoop the best positions. That is why I can assure you that, choosing the GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle will be one of the best choices you will ever make.

    High Quality Crafted Game Gun

    The GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle is actually a spring powered sniper style airsoft rifle that is crafted to offer very competent and quality performance by a trusted company in the region. It is fully accessorized from a speedloader, 29 round magazine, and a cleaning rod.

    Things I didn't like in GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

    • Low magazine capacity

    If you pick the GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle, then make loading BBs after a short while your order of the day. Am saying this because I noticed that the rifle has a low capacity magazine. This means the magazine can only hold a small amount of BBs which is not promising for fun lovers.

    The wolverine airsoft pistol is a very efficient firearm. First of all its heavy duty meaning it's quite durable then highly powered to provide you with all the confidence you need for your game.

    Airsoft Gun CO2 Semi-Automatic BB Pistol Shoot Biodegradable

    Features Of This Product

    • It offers comfortable grip 
    • It has a high-quality black finish
    • Each magazine piece can hold 18 rounds 
    • Has one 12g CO2 cartridge
    • Its biodegradable

    Things that I like in Airsoft Gun Black Ops Wolverine

    CO2 Powered

    The Wolverine airsoft gun is powered by CO2. Unlike other pistols, you will be able to enjoy your game with this gun because it is very powerful and full of energy to serve you for as long as the game will last. Besides, the gun has one piece metal magazines that you can fill with eighteen rounds together with a 12g CO2 cartridge.

    Adjustable Laser Sight

    With the unfailing capacity to train maximally on the field with undoubted proficiency, The Airsoft Gun Black Ops Wolverine comes with an adjustable laser sight which also bears a pressure switch. playing or army training at night will be less of a problem like before. You will view your targets with enough light making the gun the perfect in the right place.

    High-Quality Frame

    There is no way you will enjoy using a gun when it has a boring look. The Airsoft Gun Black Ops Wolverine is good for you. It will inspire you to become better at your game. With its tactical feel of a realistic metal slide and high-quality polymer frame. The frame has a rugged side to place your sights, lights and any other gun accessories you may require.

    Things I didn't like about the Airsoft Gun Black Ops Wolverine

    • Semi-automatic action

    The Airsoft Gun Black Ops Wolverine has been incorporated with the semi-automatic which is great for a slow game but a fast and a more aggressive game, it can't stand up to that speed. You will have to cope up with the slow but smooth action of emptying magazines from it.

    How To Use The Best Airsoft Pistol

    • check-square-o
      The following are some tips and guidelines on how to use your best airsoft pistol the right way and use it for longer hours.
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      Before playing any game, you should ensure that your gun is in the right shape, if it is not in shape and you can fix it, then do so. If it's damaged, get a new one. 
    • check-square-o
      Once you have a perfect in shape gun, its time to switch it on, but first, find the safety button.
    • check-square-o
      How will you fire an empty pistol? Before firing it at anything or anyone, load it first by pulling out the spring at the front of the clip and pack BBs in their space until its full. 
    • check-square-o
      Get the handle back into the gun and cock it. 
    • check-square-o
      Aim the pistol by looking through it's sights. Sights are two notches on the back and at the front. For perfect targeting, you line them up.
    • check-square-o
      When sighting is achieved, you are ready to fire. Just switch the safety button off and let your fingers rest on the trigger. You can fire by pulling the trigger.

    Final Verdict

    Now that is the beginning of your irresistible adventure in using the best airsoft pistol. You can pick any of the products we have reviewd above for the most interesting play and adventure.

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